How We Began
In the summer of 2003, (3) three volunteer mediators from Dispute Mediation Service
(Dallas, TX), saw a dire need to begin a non-profit organization that would teach
youth conflict resolution training.

Today YCRC continues to grow and actively recruits volunteer instructors for various
conflict workshops in the Dallas area.
Why refer youth to YCRC
Conflict resolution education at an early stage in a child's life gives them the ability to
interact with others on a positive and constructive basis. When youth have some of the
necessary tools and skills to communicate, it becomes an alternative choice to

We want to help youth communicate better by teaching some of the necessary skills to help
them resolve conflict in a more positive light.
Board Members:
Does your church have a Youth Ministry?

Allow YCRC to come and speak with the youth about  
various ways to avoid conflict in school, at church and
through-out their lives.  Our "rap session" style workshops
range from 1 to 2 hours and can be tailored to many specific
and relevant topics.

Contact Diana Clark today to schedule a meeting!
Diana Clark
Co Founder/Executive Director
Andrea M. Clark
Board President

Pamela Fields
Board Secretary

John Ogren
Board Treasurer

Be a YCRC Volunteer
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(Left to Right)Joyce Jones, Diana Clark, Christine Kiese Opsahl
YCRC provides (5) five hour workshops that teaches youth how to handle
daily conflict;

We also offer (1) one hour programs dedicated to teaching techniques for
handling bullying; monthly "rap sessions' where youth are allowed to speak
openly about what's bothering them.

All training sessions are taught by skilled and trained volunteers from
various professions.
Social Media Intern
Jasmine Hunt