Five (5) Hour Workshop:
The five hour workshop is our core programming. From 8:30 am to 1:00 pm, youth who are referred to the workshop are trained in
Anger Management, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Listening and Journaling. Each session is taught by trained
volunteers from the community. Currently, youth are referred from the Dallas County Truancy Courts. Breakfast, lunch and snacks
are provided to participants. One 45 minute session is done with the youth and the parents. The workshop fee ranges from Free
to $25.00 based on income.

Parenting Classes:
Trained YCRC volunteers instruct parents on effective communication tools for dealing with youth issues including bullying, anger
management, conflicts with teachers or authoritative figures, growing pains of puberty, etc.  For more information, please contact
Diana Clark at (214)220-9510. Classes can be arranged at your location (PTA meetings, churches, community centers) and in
small groups.  

Rap Sessions:
One hour weekly sessions catered to individual youth who are referred to discuss daily school, life and parental conflicts. The
sessions are done in conjunction with the Dallas County Library Teen Centers.  

Youth Mock Trials:
The youth mock trial is done in conjunction with partnering City of Dallas and Lancaster County Judges. For eight (8) weeks
during the summer, volunteers work with the youth to memorize a modern day story using a fable such as the Three Little Bears or
Little Red Riding Hood and relate it to an every day situation. The day of the mock trial, the youths deliver their mock trial with the
assistance of real attorneys and the Judge.

Pillow Talk:
Pillow Talk is an overnight program held in August of each year for girls between the ages of 8 and 15. From 6:00 pm until 7:00
am the next morning, the young ladies are engaged in positive and fun workshops geared toward self esteem, conflict resolution
and personal development.  If you would like to be a volunteer facilitator, please contact Diana Clark at

Off The Court:
Off the Court is a full day boys event where positive men in the community engage young men through workshops geared toward
building positive self-esteem and personal development.  After each workshop, the boys participate in athletic challenges. To be a
volunteer facilitator, please contact Andrea Clark at andreaclark@youngmediators.org

Christine Opsahl Peace Scholarship:

In honor of our Co-Founder, Christine Kiese Opsahl, deceased, we began the Christine Opsahl Peace Scholarship to assist those
interested in continuing the mission of Christine Kiese Opsahl in conflict resolution. The scholarship is awarded to students who
are pursuing Conflict Resolution and/or Mediation training at El Centro Community College. We have awarded the scholarship to 2
students thus far. Contact Diana Clark at (214) 220-9510 for more information. Click here to download the scholarship application

El Centro Christine
Opsahl Kiese Scholarship